What do we do?

We offer wellness courses that includes group coaching and are designed around 3 scientific understandings:

Through the practice of positive neuroplasticity (PN), you have the ability to change your brain, and therefore your behavior. To learn more about PN, please visit Dr. Hanson's page at the link below.

With this understanding, we create exercises and home work assignments that allow you to have positive experiences during the course. And we teach you other brain retraining tools to take home with you.

It's through repetition that we create all habits—good and bad. Here's how we help you master the art of consistency:

1) With challenges and the support and accountability of coaching, you get to experience the benefits of a new habit, routine or strategy for real. 2) You will learn habit formation techniques such as the "Don't Break The Chain" method and a mindful approach to change. 3) We ask you to go deep on your "Why," which helps to lock in motivation.

This quote by Ben Franklin sums up the value of experiential learning really well: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

With experiential learning, you retain more of what you learn. In our courses, we try to weave in as much experiential learning as possible and with coaching (a form of experiential learning in and of itself), more transformations happen.

Current Courses

We are developing new courses all the time. Please visit the Upcoming Courses page to see what we're planning next.

Beat Anxiety and Depression eBook

  • Neuroscience has gifted us with the knowledge of neuroplasticity, the understanding that we can change our brain.
  • Dr. Rick Hanson took the science one step further and introduced the practice of Positive Neuroplasticity: intentionally doing things that restructure the brain.
  • For this ebook, Christine spent months researching the best (proven) activities and strategies that when practiced, reshape the brain and help us beat anxiety and depression.
  • She stopped at 99, because 100 would be one too many don't you think?

Some praise for our coaching

Marissa Lanteri
Mindful Weight Loss

I worked with Christine for several months and loved the experience. She was genuine, supportive, and a big advocate of my health. I would go so far as to call the experience a real awakening. There are things that she taught me more than 6 years ago that I remember and value to this day.

Marissa LanteriAccounts Manager
Joanne Weisey
Love the Stay Well plan

The stay well plan is such a great idea because it's essentially a post-coaching blueprint for living. You'll refer to it all the time and LOVE it!!

Joanne WeiseyExecutive Assistant
Michele Green
Practical. Caring. Smart!

If you get the chance to, work with Christine, take it. She's smart, caring and practical and looks at the whole person so you learn more than what you came to her for. She helped me understand the biggest life lesson ever: if I give myself what I need, I won't have to try so hard. I'm less anxious today because of the things Christine taught me.

Michele GreenResearcher and PhD Student

Upcoming Classes & Webinars

Meditation is included in all courses. Classes are offered at 4:00 pm Sundays and Wednesdays Pacific time with more coming soon. Webinars are free to the public.

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