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We make it easier to...


1. WALK MORE and get as fit as possible in the amount of time you have.

2. EAT BETTER and enjoy learning about nutrition.

3. IMPROVE FOCUS and inner calm to thrive in today's world.

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Why Mindfulness

Habit-formation books like Atomic Habits and the best TED Talks, YouTube videos, and self-help content on the subject, cannot alone do what mindfulness does — help you change for good. When mindfulness is part of a habit-building process, the process becomes easier. It helps you become more aware of your habit loops. It changes your relationship with your habits and gives you space to choose your actions wisely. And it helps you keep your focus on the person you want to become.

We Make Wellness Easier For Employees

A large and growing number of people say workplace stress is a fact of life and the demands of work make it hard for them to stay on a healthy path. With our corporate wellness programs, we help employees bring wellness to work in new and creative ways. We work closely with your HR contact to facilitate mindful exercises that your employees can do from their desks, during lunch and meetings, and wherever their lives take them.

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Mudra Meditation

We Make Wellness Easier for Individuals

If your health and wellness are one of the first things you put to the side when life gets busy or feels overwhelming, you need the Vurb Wellness Club. Built around mindfulness and mini habits, the club helps individuals show up for themselves regularly. With a weekly mindfulness class, wellness groups, direct access to coaches, and other services, we make it easier to stick to your wellness goals.

Areas of Mastery

Vurb Wellness Club and Vurb Corporate Wellness services focus on "the practice" and include everything you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. 

Digital Habits and Personal Productivity

Personal Growth, Mental and Emotional Health

Developing the Walking Habit

Self-Care and Sleep Optimization

Nutrition Coaching That Simplifies Eating 

Mindset, Mindfulness and Introspection

Stress is a fact of life, but It doesn't need to be a way of life.

Start living in a way that prioritizes your wellness, so that instead of feeling frazzled and tired most of the time, you feel energized, alert, and content more and more of the time.


Jo Weise.jpg

Joanne Weise

Executive Assistant

The Wellness Club is a big help if you're on again and off again with your diet and fitness. Their main message is that 5 minutes is better than zero, so you're left with no excuses.

marissa lanteri.jpg

Mellisa Lanteri 
Accounts Manager

I worked with Christine in 2010 and have kept the weight off all these years. She is supportive and gave me practical advice and insights into myself. All these years later and I still refer to some of her advice.


Precious Green

Wellness Coach

I worked with Christine in 2022 to set up my small business and was impressed with her "What Could Stop You?" exercise! It made me look at my available resources and realistically plan around them.


Let’s Engage

Phone Number: 877-456-7890    /     Email: hello@vurbwellness.com   

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