Learn strategies to end yo-yo dieting, sleep better, get consistent about exercise, and have the energy to do the things you want to.


Learn to leave anxiety, mild-to-moderate depression, and the general blahs behind with our mindful mental health strategies.


Learn emotional intelligence, journaling, yoga for your feels, and other strategies to feel okay, then grow strong and resilient.

We give you the motivation you need to reach your wellness goals.


Our courses teach you strategies to eat better.


Our coaching helps you turn them into habits.

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Give anxiety and
depression the boot, mindfully

Learn to use brain-focused activities to wave bye-bye to anxiety and depression.

Order now and get the full download of Christine’s book 99 Things You Can Do to Beat Anxiety and Depression and plenty of pre-course goodies.

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The Vurb Difference


We support you because people don’t give up on their health and wellness because they don’t care. They give up because no one else cares.


We know stuff. We can help you find the right strategies for your wellness challenge and tell you how to mindfully turn them into habits.


With support and expertise, we know you’ll be more likely to run with us, go to bed with us, and get your other assignments done.

Some praise for our coaching

I’m less anxious because of the things Christine taught me. She’s smart, caring, and practical, and looks at the whole person. She told me something that changed everything for me: if I give myself what I need, I won’t have to try so hard. Now that I do, I’m calmer and feeling stronger every day.

Melissa Uzen

PhD Student

The stay well plan is such a great idea because it’s essentially a post-coaching blueprint for living. You’ll refer to it all the time and LOVE it!!

Joanne Weisey

Executive Assistant

I worked with Christine for several months and loved the experience. She was genuine, supportive, and a big advocate of my health. I would go so far as to call the experience a real awakening. There are things that she taught me more than 6 years ago that I remember and value to this day.

Marissa Lanteri

Accounts Manager

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