courses and coaching for emotional and mental health

transform your physical emotional and mental health


End yo-yo dieting, learn to sleep better, get healthier, and have more energy with our interactive coaching.


Beat anxiety and depression with supplements, microdosing, meditation, and neuropsychology strategies.


Discover root causes and the sources of your trauma and build emotional resilience using our strategies.



At the beginning, our courses teach you strategies and help you create change plans with a coach approach to reach your goal.


In the middle, our telehealth group coaching led by mindful coaches keeps you consistent, engaged and doing the work.


Together, our courses, coaching, and community increase your success rate so you can experience a real transformation.


Your willpower is no match for your subconscious.

So, how can you outsmart your subconscious and set yourself up to be consistent?

With habit-formation expertise, guidance, and the support to bravely confront root causes.

When you take our courses, we help you pick out the best strategies for you and create a plan for change. Then with our group coaching, we help you stay consistent and stick to your plan.


Anxiety and Depression Course

Learn new strategies and devise a plan with a coach-approach to beat anxiety and depression.


Mindful with Christine

Mindful “activities as assignments” keep your emotions and life on track so you follow through on your plan.


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MINDFUL WITH CHRISTINE Emotional Health Coaching

Consistency is the name of the change game. To make anything stick and see results, you have to follow a game plan consistently (not perfectly).

With a $49/month group coaching plan, I will help you keep your head in the game and make sure your emotions don’t get in the way of your goals. Learn more about strategies we often recommend and/or teach when you download my book, Don’t Think. Do! (Btw, it’s free for a limited time only.)

Christine Angelica

Emotional Health Coach

health coaching


I’m less anxious because of the things Christine taught me. She’s smart, caring, and practical, and looks at the whole person. She told me something that changed everything for me: if I give myself what I need, I won’t have to try so hard. Now that I do, I’m calmer and feeling stronger every day.

Melissa Uzen

PhD Student

The stay well plan is such a great idea because it’s essentially a post-coaching blueprint for living. You’ll refer to it all the time and LOVE it!!

Joanne Weisey

Executive Assistant

I worked with Christine for several months and loved the experience. She was genuine, supportive, and a big advocate of my health. I would go so far as to call the experience a real awakening. There are things that she taught me more than 6 years ago that I remember and value to this day.

Marissa Lanteri

Accounts Manager


Community, coaching assignments, messaging, and more happens inside the app.

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