eFIT10 Emotional Fitness

We all need to work on our emotional fitness the way we work on our physical fitness. It is the key to life success and to feeling okay.

With monthly challenges, the eFIT10 Emotional Fitness helps you develop emotional fitness. And to stay fit, the program also helps you turn the 10 specially selected strategies into new lifestyle habits.

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What to Expect



Before each challenge, we workshop it to get you trained, pumped, and ready to do well.

Group Coaching


You will be coached throughout the challenges and we help you build new habits for life.

Online Classes


Meditation, self-care, and other eFIT10 strategies are practiced in our online classes.

Program Highlights

Physical Energy

With our walking club, the prompts to get outside more, eat differently, and improve your sleep, you’ll increase your energy and physical enthusiasm.

Mental Clarity

Meditation, CBT techniques, and other strategies will help you reduce mental chatter and develop a positive perspective.

Emotional Fitness

Physical energy + mental clarity habits increase our emotional fitness making us calmer and more emotionally intelligent.

Packages and Programs

Meditation Only


Emotional & Mental Wellness


Emotional & Mental Wellness+


Hi. I’m Christine and I’m an emotional health coach. Using tools from behavioral psychology and habit repetition coaching, I help people achieve lasting change. If we’re a fit, I would love to help you too.


Success Stories

‘I’m less anxious and sleeping better’

Since starting my Stay-Well plan two months ago, I’m sleeping so much better and have fewer anxiety attacks.

Leah Madison
‘I am better at handling conflicts with my SO’

Christine helped me identify the source of my anger and gave me tools to calm down before I overheat.

Lisa Moore
‘I have so much more energy and focus!’

My new diet, sleeping better and doing something self-care-related every day has transformed my life.

Emma Watson
‘Finally, a coach you can believe in’

Christine is a whiz at making over people’s routines and habits. She’s the real deal and the first coach I believe in.

Charlotte Green

How to Get Started

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