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Special exercises to workout your brain, calm your mind and heal your nervous system.

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About Us

We help people discipline their mind and heal and optimize their brain.

Neuroplasticity and mindfulness are our two main keys to mental fitness; together, they are at once powerful and simple.


We design classes, workshops, and services based around one or both practices as we ask ourselves, how can we make mental fitness a more positive pursuit for people.

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Emotional Health Coach

Christine Angelica Jary

After 12+ years helping women reframe negative thinking, discover more joy, and become more centered, Christine founded Vurb Wellness, a Mental Fitness platform with online classes, workshops, and coaching to bring about real change. 

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Meditation Trainer & Mental Health Coach

Morgan Chawaga

With her background in architecture, Morgan began her wellness career helping other architects with their mental health challenges. She is an empathetic coach who is dedicated to listening and offering quality personalized guidance.

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Meet the Coaches

Christine's interest in mental health began when her sister was diagnosed as bipolar and asked her to look up natural treatments for her. Then when she became convinced she had a problem with procrastination (it took her years to learn it was most likely ADHD), her interest in the brain began. Trying to fix her procrastination, led Christine to neuroscience and her obsession with the brain. But it wasn't until she became a coach and started working with emotional eaters that she had all these people's lives that she could draw from. Now, she had all these patterns that she could lay out and look at to form insights into her own struggles. 

Some things she noticed are that many people were afraid of labels such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and would rather not get help than admit to having these problems. She noticed too that the same set of healthy behaviors -- sleep, exercise, meditation, social support, etc., could help everyone, no matter how different their diagnosis. And her own mislabeled diagnosis taught her how important it was that we each get more involved in our mental health, share our stories so we can learn from each other, and to not fear these labels. Realizing that we can thrive if we own our shit and are unafraid of truths has been a life-altering experience, and a big part of Christine's motivation for founding Vurb Wellness. 

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Introducing the Vurb Wellness Mental Health Club


Trained in mindfulness to calm the mind and neuroplastic exercises to rewire the brain, Christine brings together two tools for hope and empowerment to women who need it.

The goal of the Vurb Wellness Mental Health Club is to help more people feel supported because then they'll find it easier to stick to lifestyle habits that can retrain their brains and calm their minds.  The Club is designed to meet clients where they are and provide just what they need: easy, convenient, effective, and affordable mental health care services.


Please share The Vurb Wellness Therapeutic Lifestyle with anyone you think will benefit from it and join the mental health club if you need help sticking to these psychologically beneficial habits in it.

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