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About Us

Vurb is a personal-development-through-wellness brand. We believe that putting our well-being first, especially these days when stress is at an all-time high, is the only way we can be present, live intentionally, enjoy our lives and careers, and get where we all say we're heading--to become our best selves. These are some of the things we believe in and have found to work consistently for almost everyone!

Science-backed solutions

Traditional self-help has been helpful, but it has its limits. Where traditional self-help encourages us to be positive and correctly states its benefits to our health and motivation, it fails those of us with underlying issues. Science and science-backed tools, on the other hand, help us to understand the factors that impact our mood and behavior and give us real tools (hacks and cheats if you will), that help us see results!

Personalized plans and strategies

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and wellness plans. Instead, we believe in starting with a template and personalizing it until we come up with the routines and processes that make life easier and meet our unique set of needs--which can be biological, behavioral, environmental and multi-dimensional.


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With becoming our best selves as the ultimate goal, we help people try different things at each level of growth and help them make incremental long-lasting changes.

Our Science-backed Tools 
(for building energy and enthusiasm)


Neuroscience tells us that when we first try to create a new habit, we have to enlist our prefrontal cortex, the thinking brain, and insert conscious effort, intention, and thought into the process. With mindfulness training, forming new habits and taking care of our inner needs get easier.

Behavioral Science

When we are working to form new habits, it helps to know how to outsmart our old habit loops and patterns. That's where the behavioral science tools we teach and embed in our services come in handy. They help us to hack ourselves giving us little "cheats" and systems that help us succeed despite ourselves.

Physical Activity

Maintaining good physical health is crucial to our wellness so with our assignments, we include practical tips to help you fit in fitness, improve sleep, and eat for energy. And you'll have access to experts to help when you get stuck and to nudge you when you don't show up.

Meet The Team

Lead Coach & Founder of Vurb Wellness

Christine is an iPEC-trained life coach specializing in emotional health and mindfulness. She has an undergrad degree from New York University and spent 8 years taking courses in and gaining expertise in behavioral science for habit change.

A natural-born researcher, Christine loves a 30-Day challenge and came to wellness because she herself struggled with procrastination, had extreme difficulty focusing, and battled the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It should come as little surprise that what helped most was making her well-being a priority.


These days her routines include meditation, nootropics, alternating between different forms of exercise depending on the weather and her mood, and thanks to a tip from Huberman, getting sunlight in her eyes soon after she wakes up. Christine is creative at cooking up *wellness actions* for Club members to take and is genuinely interested in the well-being of those she works with.  

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Supplementation Expert

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Gut Health Nutritionist

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Personal trainer

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