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therapeutic wellness

for improving ADHD anxiety & depression 

You can’t learn to swim by reading a book, you have to get in the water.   Finnish Proverb

And you can't learn to eat better, become a regular exerciser, stop ruminating, get out in nature more often, fix sleep issues, and do the things that will improve your ADHD, anxiety, and depression by reading books, googling it, watching YouTube videos, or even, taking a course. It's only with practice that we build and embed new behaviors that can keep us symptom-free longer.


Vurb Wellness creates services that let you practice amazingly helpful new behaviors in an organic and sustainable way from home and anywhere!

Hi, I'm Christine
Founder of Vurb Wellness

The most important thing anyone struggling with stress, ADHD, anxiety, or depression can do is take care of themselves in a way that keep their symptoms under control. Lifestyle management matters a lot

We offer virtual wellness classes and activities that will have you feeling your best while getting better and stronger mentally and emotionally


My 9-part therapeutic lifestyle plan, which you can download for free here, covers the elements of .


For more help, check out our member services, classes, and daily assignments, all of which are included in one monthly subscription.

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Designed to help you take therapeutic actions.

With a mission to help people who struggle with emotional and mental conditions, struggle less, we design programs and services that...


➜ Takes small sustainable steps to embed healthy new habits and behaviors.

➜ Bring together traditional as well as innovative solutions to work therapeutically.

➜ Are designed for stress reduction, trauma healing, and building mental fitness.

Are customizable so that you build and embed habits that are just right for YOU.

➜ Factor in key areas of your life such as family, work /school commitments, and faith.

➜ Includes support to cut down frustrations, starts-and-stops, and disengagement.

Transformations can happen... but only when you got in the water and swim!


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