Built around mindfulness and mini-habits, our wellness services make it easier for even busy people to regularly show up for themselves

We support our members remotely and use insights from behavioral psychology and mindfulness to help them practice our 4 core wellness habits daily. The habit of eating better, getting more rest, and implementing other wellness goals are made easier because of the creative approaches we use and how we organize each of our programs.

Many of the ideas from James Clear's book, Atomic Habits show up in our work because we are, first and foremost, trained coaches with a deep understanding of the psychology of change.


Our services...


♦ Are designed around bite-sized wellness habits

♦ Integrates habit automation techniques such as habit-stacking

♦ Teach techniques to improve productivity such as the "Don't Break the Chain" technique

♦ Emphasizes routines and systems

♦ Uses SMART goals (what Clear refers to as Implementation Intentions)

♦ Are built around repetition

♦ Provides accountability

♦ Designed to promote self-understanding through mindfulness

Corporate Wellness


We customize corporate wellness programs for companies and make it easy for their employees to practice wellness anywhere—on their commute, at their desks, in bed, or while traveling.  After we set up your program, we work with your HR contact to help your team or company build a culture of wellness.

Wellness Club


Our wellness club for individuals is designed to build consistency of habit. Using techniques from behavioral psychology and other sciences, we make your wellness practices feel doable and infuse fun into many of them so that they're also enjoyable. We're experts in what makes a habit sustainable and we are passionate about helping people live well.

What We Cover


When we approach change mindfully, we have less friction and resistance, and greater self-awareness.


Our nutrition coaching covers everything from reading labels to fasting, and the Cooking Club helps you implement what you learn.


Use a fitness tracker to track your monthly walking goal of 30, 40, or 50 miles, and join interactive fitness challenges every month. 


We share neuroscientific insights to help you support your brain nutritionally and with brain retraining for greater focus and productivity.


We not only share new self-care activities every month, but we also run R&R weekends, and digital detoxes, and help you design better routines. 

Personal Growth

Your wellness journey is about getting fit in mind and body, and about learning whom you want to become giving you a vision of your Ideal self.