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About Us

Hi, I’m Christine


As the founder, I'm beyond excited to welcome you to Vurb Wellness, where we're revolutionizing how we go about achieving and maintaining emotional wellbeing!

My own journey through life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From navigating untreated trauma to battling procrastination and job-related burnout, I've seen my share of emotional ups and downs. My own story, and especially how much time I wasted by sticking to self-help only, is what inspired me to create Vurb Wellness. Here's a little of my story, or rather, the story of how Vurb Wellness came about.

I spent ages branding myself as a procrastinator, diving into self-help like a champ – reading, podcasting, seminar-hopping – desperate for a fix. But it wasn't until 2016, when I stumbled into neuroscience, that I struck gold and cracked open the brain-mind-behavior code to learn a whole new world of achieving emotional wellbeing.

In neuroscience and psychology, it's a given: the brain calls the shots, shaping our behavior in ways we might not even realize. When our brain's not firing on all cylinders, we tend to resort to some less-than-ideal coping strategies – think procrastination, rumination, and avoidance. A mistake we often make (I sure did), is to hold ourselves completely responsible for our bad behavior. But neuroscience teaches us that by maintaining a healthy brain, we can improve those behavior while also dialing down the mental chatter. This can make the once daunting pursuit of positivity and productivity a whole lot easier, which gives us renewed hope and insights into how to stay emotionally healthy.



From the dozens of neuroscientists whose theories I put to the test; these are my main takeaways:


1️⃣ Brain mind and behavior are inextricably linked,

2️⃣ It's a grave mistake to live with untreated trauma or rely only on self-help for our healing,

3️⃣ We can take preventative or therapeutic steps to improve unconscious impulses and behavior.

We can hack our behavior!

I personally love doing wellness challenges! Got a 30-day Yoga challenge, sign me up! A Water Challenge? I'm so down! As I was learning about these new ideas about the brain mind and behavior, I was also learning some simple brain hacks and began to device my own 30-day and 2-week challenges to test them out. How would I feel after two weeks, if I walked outside versus indoor on a treadmill? How about if I were to walk in the mornings...will that help with my afternoon sleepiness? Would magnesium supplementation or meditation help with brain fog and trouble concentrating? If my procrastination is a freeze response, how do I work on it? Over the course of four years, I did dozens of these exercises -- some of which I adopted permanently after the "experiments."


In early 2022, after months in lockdown gave me time to reflect on whether I wanted to take my part-time coaching full-time, and how that might look, giving others the opportunity to hack their own behavior was very important to me as this is the most transformative part of the process, IMO. This means teaching some of these science-based ideas while simultaneously doing regular exercises to improve the brain and quiet the mind. Providing some type of ongoing guidance and building a community, were other important elements I wanted to include. The single most important factor to staying emotionally well I find, is that we are following some simple habits that improve brain function and quiet the mind.

In the Spring of 2024, I launched Vurb Wellness to have the elements of a full-service mental fitness gym to put the emphasis on regular brain and mind workouts. These are some things that sets Vurb Wellness apart from traditional coaching and certainly, from self-help exercises:

  1. Neuroscientific Principles: We’ve cracked the code on effective learning. By taking small impactful steps, and understanding how you and your brain works, you can successfully interrupt most habit loops.

  2. Interactive Learning: We try to make learning fun and interactive using tools like role-playing, which help you retain more of what you learn. Add to that, we give you homework assignments.

  3. Homework Assignments: Yes, you read that right. Homework isn’t just for school. At Vurb Wellness, it’s a key part of your growth. Dive deeper into your learning, apply what you’ve discovered, and watch your mental muscles strengthen.

  4. Living Lab: Imagine an ongoing experiment where you’re the subject. Our classes and workshops serve as your personal mental fitness lab. 

  5. Light Coaching and Access to Instructors: Need clarification? Want to discuss a topic further? Our instructors are here for you. Whether it’s after a class or via email, we’re committed to your progress.

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