We help you live a more fulfilling life with wellness courses and coaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make wellness training easier and more interactive and change lives in the process.

We design courses around these 3 evidence-backed ideas:

  1.  that you CAN change your brain and behavior;
  2. that consistency is the key to change;
  3. that doing it is the best way to learn it.

How We Do It

Courses: we meet on Zoom to teach you strategies to develop the habits you want—to sleep better, overcome anxiety, for example. With the strategies, you design a personalized game plan with the how, when and what you’re going to do.

Coaching: we help you practice your strategies while living your life and we use apps like the Nike Run Club app and other platforms to deliver an interactive experience.

Some benefits you can expect:

  • Brain-changing strategies.
  • Supportive coaches.
  • Habit-forming expertise.
  • A community of well-doers.

Hi. I’m Christine

My favorite topic of conversation and research these days is neuropsychology. It’s an exciting and fairly new area of psychology concerned with how the brain and the rest of our nervous system affect our behavior. This field of science holds the secrets to motivation, healing, and getting everything you want.

Besides the sciency stuff, here are some things that are included in our program.

Mindfulness happens to be consistent with neuroscience, and together they form the most effective formula for change and forming new habits that we know of.

Habit-forming hacks. We use ideas like those as seen in the book Atomic Habits as well as from neuropsychology:

  • Don’t Break the Chain
  • Stage Your Environment
  • Visual Cues and Reminders
  • Make a Game of It

Interactive. We create an interactive environment for you to do the work in. We stay connected by text messaging, zoom conferences, and apps. You will be able to message us on the client platform and feel engaged and supported along the way.

Listen to Christine and Jen read this book!

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