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Our program was designed around these 3 evidence-backed ideas:

  1.  That you CAN change your brain and behavior.
  2. That consistency is the key to change.
  3. That doing it is the best way to learn it.
Christine A.


  • Courses help you create plans for change.
  • Coaching helps you stick to your plan.
  • Together they make it easier to reach your health and wellness goals.

YOUR INVESTMENT: Our coaching was designed to be affordable, with very little financial risk to you: we give you your first month of group coaching for $1.

Hi. I’m Christine

I’m an emotional health coach and founder of Vurb Wellness. My favorite topic of conversation and research these days is neuropsychology; a fairly new area of science that is helping us understand how the brain and the rest of our nervous system affects our behavior.

By understanding what affects behavior, we can help many more people make lasting change.

Our coaching goes beyond self-help advice. For example, “Think positive” is good advice that I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. It turns out that “thinking positive” is not that easy to stick to because the human brain has evolved to have a natural negativity bias. With Positive Neuroplasticity, a technique developed by Dr. Rick Hanson, there is a tool that can with repeated practice, tilt your brain toward positivity. When your brain changes, so does your behavior. Pretty cool, right?

Assignments as Activities

Many of our coaching assignments are quick activities that you can do within minutes.

Interactive and Gamified

You will be able to send private and group messages to the coaches to get feedback and feel supported along the way. Gamified elements such as challenges and the ability to earn badges are weaved into our coaching to discourage boredom.


As I’m sure you know from experience, when you’re learning something new, it helps to take things slow at the beginning and learn the fundamentals. You will here too. Life coaching is a present and future focused process that increases self awareness, accomplishes goals, prioritizes your values, and doubles down on your strengths. You will learn a lot without needing to white knuckle it, and I believe, you will love the process and your results.

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