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Our wellness programs combine group coaching with skills practice to build helpful new strategies and habits. Our programs use repetition to build new skills. Repetition, it turns out, is the way we build bad habits and good ones.

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Hi. I’m Christine.

For over 10 years, I’ve been geeking out on behavioral psychology and learning how we, including myself, change for good. Behavioral psychology explains why some people finish what they start and make transformative changes while others seem stuck. It explains why some people live either in the past or the future and how vulnerable we are to what’s called the negativity bias.

Maybe you’re battling low self-esteem like I did, don’t have supportive people in your life or in other ways struggle to manage your emotions without them managing you.

What do you need to be okay?

Figuring out what you need to be okay gets easier when you have contemplative habits such as meditation and journaling.

Along with regular exercise, eating a brain-friendly diet, spending time outside, going to bed on time, you’re actually rewiring your brain changing old behaviors and becoming the person you want to be.

Because it’s so impactful, the number one tool for change that I recommend is meditation. Whether your suffering is a quiet panic or something more debilitating, like anxiety and depression, meditation plus group coaching can help you.

Meditation helps us see ourselves with compassion and clarity, and help us develop a deeper non-judgmental understanding of our condition. It energizes us, helps us focus, shift, and move through life with greater ease. Bit by bit and day by day, you’ll see yourself improving as you follow your own personalized Stay Well plan.

Our Emotional Health programs are designed around three scientific understandings:
  1. that we can change our brain;

  2. that we can influence mood disorders and build emotional strength by taking targeted actions; and

  3. that mild to moderate depression and anxiety respond well to these positive actions when done consistently.

Both our emotional health programs include meditation classes, guided journaling, and other services to help you make the changes you haven’t been able to. I use a group coaching framework to keep your cost affordable but as it happens, the community aspect is an added benefit. Call it positive peer pressure or taking inspiration from others on a similar path, being

To change, you have to get on a consistent program–mine, your own, or someone else’s. Consistency is the only way out of whatever hole you find yourself in. Download a free copy of my ebook and if it feels right to you, sign up either for the free 2-week meditation only program or subscribe to one of the full emotional health programs.

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