Vurb Wellness Club

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Hosted on The Geneva App

We use the Geneva App to host our weekly and monthly member meetings, provide chat support six days a week, and share files, timely info, and reminders.

Explore the club services below. 

Daily Services

Our four foundational wellness habits are walking, sleep, nutrition, and introspection. We support these groups daily to make sure members are reaching their goals.

Weekly Services

Come to this class Sundays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm Pacific for mindfulness training and to set your intentions for the coming week.

Prompted Journaling

10 minutes

Answer the question of the week in your journal

Schedule Joy

10 minutes

Choose a Joy activity from the list and schedule it

Mindfulness Training


Learn a new mindful practice and how to apply it



Mindfulness meditation session

Monthly Services

$59 per month

Start with a free trial to make sure you love the Club.  Pay $59 per month after that.

Upcoming Events