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Could An Accountability Community Help You Stick to Good Habits?

If you'll show up for mini self-care, bite-sized fitness, mindfulness exercises and such, this Club could!

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Let's get one thing clear—We are NOT your typical Wellness Club! We use exercises like these to help you embed good habits with little to no willpower required:

  • Gamified self-care

  • Fitness challenges

  • Schedule Joy assignments

  • Mindfulness classes

  • Coach-led events, and

  • So much more!


We're looking for women who will enjoy trying new ideas to change how they eat, exercise, sleep, think, and even work to join our new club. If that's you, we invite you to snag a 2-week trial!

Meet your trainer...

Our founder Christine is an iPEC-trained life coach specializing in emotional health and mindfulness but it's hacking good habits using science-based tools that gets her the most excited.

Her walk on the hacking side of life started when she was looking for help online to manage symptoms from hypothyroidism, and since then, difficulty focusing, and GI issues. She approached all of these potentially chronic conditions armed with one superpower—a willingness to try new things.


Christine never met a 30-day challenge she didn't like, so trying intermittent fasting to manage GI issues or trying horrible-tasting green juice cleanses (gulp) went down easily for her. As did experimenting with Circadian Rhythm resets, NAC and other specialty supplements, or a Huberman Lab productivity hack.


Today, she has firsthand knowledge or training in over 200 hacking tools and systems and with this Club, she came up with a way to learn by doing. With a single mindset shift, she'll take me from bitching about doing stuff to being excited about eating better, doing fitness challenges, and heaps of other stuff you could own dream about getting down before!

"Christine does for your life what a personal organizer does for your closets... then leaves you with an effortless way to maintain it."

What's included

Indoor Stretch

Is the Vurb Wellness Club Right for You?

Membership will be perfect for you if...

👉You have a health or cognitive condition that can be managed with wellness.

👉You are searching for down-to-earth, no BS, practical tools at both a cognitive and somatic level.

👉You want to release anxiety, trauma, stress, and depression at the level of your nervous system.

👉You're keen to dive into some personal development work in a cost-effective and affordable way.

 👉You'd enjoy dipping in and out of a variety of support options every month.

👉You love all kinds of self-care!

Vurb Wellness Club Plans

  • Geneva App Access

    Join our online community and stay motivated
    Free Plan
    • Track Walking on Nike Run app
    • Track Fitness on MyFitnessPal app
    • All General Member Services
    • Geneva Community
  • Vurb Lite

    Every month
    Lite Hacking for Everyday Awesome
     14 day free trial
    • Tiny Habits Self-Care Assignments
    • Private WhatsApp group
    • Biohacking Insiders
    • Weekly Mindfulness Class
    • Monthly Fitness Challenges
    • All Geneva App Access Offers
  • Vurb VIP

    Every month
    Biohackers Plan for Psychological Betterment
     14 day free trial
    • Tiny Habits Self-Care Assignments
    • Private WhatsApp group
    • Biohacking Insiders
    • Weekly Mindfulness Class
    • Monthly Fitness Challenges
    • All Geneva App Access Offers
    • Private Healing Workshops
    • 40-Minute 1:1 Coaching Per Month

What Christine's clients are saying!

marissa lanteri.jpg

Marissa Lanteri, Tampa

I worked with Christine several years ago and have kept the weight off that she helped me lose. She is super supportive and gave me practical advice as well as insights into myself. Working with her was a revelation for me. 


Presence Green, Los Angeles

I worked 1:1 with Christine in 2022 for several months and as an aspiring coach myself, I was stealing ideas left and right. Her coaching style is about less talking and more "doing," trying, and refining. She makes you feel capable, which I loved!


Rosemary Gavidia, Los Angeles

I've seen therapists and felt alone in sessions. Christine made me feel like I had someone on my side rooting for me and giving me tips to stay on track that weren't generic but tailored for me.

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Fill out our Free Questionnaire and discover how you can start hacking your Happiness & Well-being

Discover the areas most important to Focus on for Optimal health, wellbeing, and performance!

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