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What to Expect From Our Group Coaching

Assignments as activities.
Interactive and gamified.

Assignments as Activities

Many of your weekly assignments will be things to do in your daily life, such as, “call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while” as well as impromptu callouts sent via text to do a specific self-care treat or take other wellness steps within the hour.

Interactive Coaching

To help you eat better, for example, you’ll be cooking, shopping, and reading food labels. You’ll be trying out Intermittent Fasting, new herbs and creams that will spice up your tastebuds, taking multivitamins, and more. And, you’ll be doing it all alongside the community over virtual classes.

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Mindful-based program

Work in groups of up to 12 people who become your teammates for your entire coaching journey. This allows you to open up and have more intimate conversations, share goals, support each other through your wins and growing pains. Working with the same community of people, you’ll be more likely to take action and be accountable for your choices.

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What's Included

Virtual Classes

Meditation and yoga classes are included in your coaching subscription.

Progress Tracking

Use the coaching app to track your progress and review your goals.

Coaching Assignments

Assignments will range from self-care to creative writing.

Coaching Incentives

Compete with teammates for badges and prizes.

Positive Psychology

Christine assigns weekly “joy assignments” and uses memory recall exercises for brain retraining.

Maslow's Hierarchy

Christine loosely follows Maslow’s Hierarchy for a structured approach to becoming your best self.


Because it makes learning new things easier, Christine’s coaching is mindful-based.

Habit-Formation Training

You’ll learn to recognize habit triggers,  use habit chains and other proven habit formation methods.

Working with

Christine’s coaching is best for those working on emotional and mental wellness. She will…

  • Lead meditation classes
  • Develop mindfulness workshops for her coachees
  • Assign weekly self-care and journaling assignments
  • Co-facilitate workshops with productivity experts
  • Use badges and incentives for a gamified experience
  • And more

Use the code “mindful” to get your first month of coaching for a $1. Cancel anytime.

Working with

Nadima’s coaching is best for anyone working on physical wellness. She…

  • Hosts walking challenges on the Nike Run app
  • Assigns dance routines as exercise
  • Co-facilitate workshops with nutritionists
  • Hosts energy-building workshops
  • And more

Use the code “mindful” to get your first month of coaching for a $1. Cancel anytime.

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