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December Theme


Workout your mind the way you work out your body

Classes like therapeutic yoga, somatic exercises, music therapy, and meditation do for your mind, what physical exercises do for your body.

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Join the Mental Fitness Club

Within 2 weeks, most people can tell whether the club and exercises are helping them. So don't sweat this. 

From the Wellness Blog

Mental Health Myths

➜ The best treatment for someone with a mental health issue is therapy and medication. The truth is that lifestyle habits like following an anti-inflammatory diet and exercising regularly have shown to be far superior to medication and even talk therapy.

➜ It's impossible to prevent a mental health condition.

➜ People with mental health disorders are weak and unable to withstand the demands of life like everyone else.

➜ When it comes to mental illness, it's your nature, not your environment, that determines whether you develop one.

➜ Once someone develops a mental health condition, they will never recover.

➜ Negative functioning behaviors such as procrastination and moodiness are just personality traits.

The Therapeutic Lifestyle for
Mental Health

9 lifestyle habits  to better manage your life and achieve mental fitness.

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2 Ways to Pay

Purchase individual classes

All classes and club services


Mindfulness Training

Learn mindfulness techniques online

Get support in WhatsApp group

Integrate mindfulness into your life

Mindfulness Meditation

Sundays | 3:00 PM Pacific Standard

(4:00 pm during Daylight Saving Time)

This class combines mindfulness training with meditation and tools for inner transformation.

> Prompted Journaling

> Schedule Joy

> Mindfulness Meditation

Trainer: Christine Angelica

Required supplies: A journal and pen.

Suggested supplies: A meditation pillow and a cup of tea.  


Brain Rewirement

Wednesdays | 6:00 PM Pacific Standard

This class covers several different types of brain rewirement exercises including:

> CBT Techniques

> Hypnosis for Self-Esteem

> Positive Neuroplasticity

> Authentic-Self Exercises

Trainer: A rotating list of coaches and trainers.

Required suppliesA yoga mat, and depending on the class, blocks and support for your spine.

Dr. Stephen Ilardi
on the Diseases of Civilization

Our Services

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Online Classes

Our classes utilize traditional and cutting-edge techniques to rewire neural pathways, eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs, and increase genuine positivity.

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Mindfulness Training

Learn to  be present, reduce stress, and improve your focus with our learn-by-doing mindfulness training. A WhatsApp group helps you stay on it.

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Discipline BUILDing

Learn practical stuff such as strategies to develop self-discipline, increase productivity, change your mindset, and better manage your time.

Why Vurb Wellness Programs Work So Well

In our effort to help people who struggle with emotional and mental conditions, struggle less, our programs are...


Customizable and offers the human touch; you'll have support on your wellness journey.

➜ Meant to be time-saving because we're busy too and love the small-steps approach.

➜ Factor in key areas of your life such as family, work /school commitments, and faith.

➜ Help you make lifelong changes, not put a temporary fix or band-aid on your problem.

➜ Uses techniques from the Science of Change in one-on-one coaching so you get results.

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