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The Therapeutic Lifestyle

Live in a way that's going to shrink your anxiety symptoms by the day

In just the past 5 years we've learned some things about anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions that has changed the game in how we manage them, and better yet, give us hope that we can treat most.

One thing we learned is that these conditions are primarily "diseases of civilization." Essentially, there is a mismatch between our ancient physiology and the western diet and lifestyle. It's this mismatch that is a main reason we're seeing an explosion in cases around the world, but not in places like Oina. With his 6-part Depression Cure, Dr. Stephen Ilardi's TLC program addressed many of those elements: sleep, diet, exercise, light exposure, social support, and engaging activity.


We then added four elements where the focus is on inner re-engineering. These two concepts, my friend, bring together a powerful 10-part lifestyle we call the Vurb Wellness Emotional Health and Growth Program.

Dr. Stephen Ilardi
on the Diseases of Civilization

1. Sleep Hygiene

2. Exercise

3. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

4. Light Exposure

5. Social Support

6. Anti-Rumination Strategies

7. Mindfulness

8. Purpose & Joy

9. Self-Expression

10. Supplementation


Why Vurb Wellness Programs Work So Well

In our effort to help people who struggle with emotional and mental conditions, struggle less, our programs are...


Customizable and offers the human touch; you'll have support on your wellness journey.

➜ Meant to be time-saving because we're busy too and love the small-steps approach.

➜ Factor in key areas of your life such as family, work /school commitments, and faith.

➜ Help you make lifelong changes, not put a temporary fix or band-aid on your problem.

➜ Uses techniques from the Science of Change in one-on-one coaching so you get results.

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