courses and coaching for emotional and mental health

What to Expect When You Take Our Courses

Meetings and workshops on Zoom.
Work and communicate on the coaching app.
Personalized plans for change.

What happens after
you pay for a course?

You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to create a profile on our Coaching app/Community platform (hosted on Nudge Coaching).



  • Download the Nudge app
  • Create a Profile on our Platform
  • Join a Group (Physical, Emotional, or Mental Wellness)


All courses kicks off with a workshop which typically run 90-minutes or 2-hours long and hosted on Zoom.


  • Course Overview
  • Assessments and Goal Setting
  • Review the challenge for your course

Course Flow

Weekly Calls

Weekly check-ins to answer your questions. Chats and messaging for faster responses, usually within one hour.

Coaching Assignments

These might include assessments, journaling, self-care work, reading, and taking other actions.


Lessons for each module are workshop settings with 100% participation required.

Your Game Plan

Creating a game plan that you can use after the course, is the whole point of taking one of our courses.


Creating a “Game Plan” or for Mental Health courses, a “Stay Well Plan” that you can use after you complete a course, is integral to your long-term success and will be a key objective of all courses. 

Ready to get Started?

Courses are offered on a rotation basis. Browse our course catalog to see all the courses we offer then either buy a course or add your name to the waitlist if a course you’re interested in is waitlisted.

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