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Change Your Brain and Behavior With Affirmations

Change Your Brain and Behavior With Affirmations

Our thoughts drive our emotions and if you don’t have healthy thoughts, you won’t have healthy behaviors or a very high opinion of yourself. 

Using affirmations, you can turn things around.

The Benefits of Affirmations

Studies show that affirmations activate the brain’s reward centers, which can have an impact on the way you experience both emotional and physical pain. Just as negative thoughts triggers negative behaviors and reactions in the body, positive ones do the reverse. So, just by reading affirmations, you can increase your confidence and self-esteem and become more productive.

About the Course

Using a 3-part technique, we will teach you to use affirmations to transform your emotions.

  • First, you will read the affirmation of the day.
  • Second, you will reflect on it in a meditative manner for 2 minutes.
  • Third, at key points throughout the day, we will prompt you via text to do something specific with the day’s affirmation.
  • Optional (Recommended): Write down in your journal, one thing that positive that happened that day.
  • Optional: Self-Hypnosis bedtime routine

Supplies Needed

Everyone will be using a specific perpetual calendar, which you will need to purchase. Using a VR machine will give you even more positive brain retraining, and is highly recommended. Details about these items, including costs and where to buy them will be shared on the coaching app.

What to Expect

By the end of the course, you will have mastered the 3-part technique rewiring negative thoughts into positive ones and taking action towards your highest potential!

Using affirmations, you can have more positive emotions and become a more productive person. It’s fine to read affirmations but in order for them to have a real transformative impact, you have to go deeper with affirmations.

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