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CBT Techniques to Change Your Your Subconscious Mind

CBT Techniques to Change Your Your Subconscious Mind

Our beliefs operate on the subconscious level. They are always in the background influencing our decisions, often, without us being aware of it.

In this 3-week course, we will look at your core beliefs. You will learn how your subconscious may be sabotaging you and how to change that situation using specific CBT techniques.

CBT Techniques

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What to Expect

This course will cover 20 CBT techniques and train you how to use them. Each learner will choose one of these five to actively practice during the course so they can learn our subconscious reprogramming technique . Here are 5 of the 20 techniques that we will cover.

1. Cognitive restructuring or reframing

We will look at your thought patterns and the types of feedback and information you process negatively so you can become aware of them. You will learn the reframing technique and start applying it during the course in everyday situations.

2. Exposure technique

We  will use various systematic techniques to  help you manage and overcome any problematic fears you may hold.  The goal of exposure therapy is to create a safe environment in which you will learn to minimize anxiety, decrease avoidance of dreaded situations and improve your overall quality of life. 

3. Scheduling & Behaviour Activation

Perhaps there is an activity or task you may avoid due to fear or anxiety. We will teach you to implement actionable schedules, to remove the burden of decision making and enable you to follow through with the task. You will learn to establish good habits and empower you to put this permanently into practice. 

4.  Relaxation & Stress Relief Techniques

We will teach you to master relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and powerful visual imagery. You will find that these practical skills will reduce your stress and put you back in control, to help you overcome any phobias, social anxieties or other stressors.

5.  Role-Playing

Through role-playing, we will help you to work through different behaviours to overcome potentially difficult, confrontational situations. Playing these situations out will reduce your fear, improve your problem solving skills, teach you to be confident, assertive and overall improve your communication skills. 

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