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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Using videotapes, readings and assignments, learn emotional intelligence techniques that will make you a better communicator, negotiator, lie-detector, and all-around emotional ninja.

Studies show that the more emotionally intelligent you are, the better you are at managing your emotions in stressful situations. You don’t get angry at every little slight or stressful event such as someone cutting you off in traffic. But more than having good anger management, emotional intelligence helps you look at yourself honestly and without criticism so you can work on improvements without judging yourself.

Why Learn Emotional Intelligence

Self-understanding is one part of the EQ equation. The other part is being able to understand people. We are going to show you the mindful way to use your new superpower — to use with empathy and smarts to get what you want without manipulating or using others.

What to Expect from the course

You will…

  • Do 4 personality assessments, including the “Know Your Strengths” assessment.
  • Do the Who Are You? Challenge (a 4-week long self-discovery exercise).
  • Discover your go-to emotions — how they serve and hurt you and how to tweak.
  • Learn important concepts from Robert Greene’s Laws of Human Nature.
  • Learn basic FBI profiling skills.

At the end of this course, you’ll understand yourself and people better and you’ll map out a plan to continue your emotional intelligence training.

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