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Lose It For Good Weight Loss Coaching

Lose  It For Good Weight Loss Coaching

If you’re serious about losing weight for good, you have to be willing to make a lifestyle change. The good news is that with our mindful approach, the process will be easier. For example, you will take on the role of observer in the beginning of the course where you will learn to track your thoughts, feelings and reactions without judgement.

Why do you want sugary foods at 3pm?

It’s not because you’re lazy or don’t have willpower? Using our methods and with the help of a food log, you will track what you eat, when and where you eat, the emotions you had before and after, and how you feel hours later and the next day. Like a researcher, you will have tangible data to review with us and get alternative suggestions and strategies that take the struggle out of changing .

You will learn to implement food philosophies and plans in a way that works for you, and a whole lot more in five weeks.

You will learn a lot about yourself.

Throughout the course, you will be drafting a plan to use to make lifelong changes taking in all your goals and objectives. 

You will learn:

  • Intuitive eating and mindful eating
  • To overcome emotional and stress eating
  • About nutritionally dense foods
  • Look at which eating philosophies are right for you
  • To read nutrition labels 
  • To make healthy delicious versions of your favorite foods
  • Meal prepping hacks
  • How to move more
  • Staying hydrated
  • The 80-20 Rule

Gaining back lost weight is easier than losing it, which is what makes our progressive change process a game-changer. You will be mapping out a 3-stage plan and learning how to work your plan for lifelong success.

At Vurb, we will teach you not only how to reach your weight loss goal, but how to maintain it in the best way possible, so that you can still enjoy special meals out, celebrations or joyful holidays feasts without the guilt.

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