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Light and Shadow


Could your life and health benefit from a little (bio)hacking?

Hack Your Wellness for Better Health & Happiness



Build Energy

LEVEL ONE: Focus on Sleep, Nutrition, and Movement at this level. With anchor habits and various tools, learn to fit in fitness, plus work to overcome common physiological maladies such as insomnia and poor eating habits. 


Get Calm

LEVEL TWO: Cultivate calm by attending weekly mindfulness classes and doing inner work assigned by Christine such as journaling and *Schedule Joy.* The relationship with your inner self will grow kind, smart, and positively aware.

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Best Self

LEVEL THREE: Make It Fun, Stack The Habit, and Don’t Break the Chain are powerful behavioral science tools clients learn by doing as they work with us. You will change for good once these skills are learned and become second nature! 

Hi and welcome to Vurb Wellness where the thing we love more than Positive Thinking is Positive Doing!


Not long ago, a powerful idea about human development stormed pop culture and changed how we see our ability to form new habits. It's the theory of neuroplasticity which debunked the idea that the brain stops developing at around age 25. It turns out, that the brain never stops changing. 


This is significant because if our brains can always change, so can we. Even better, we now know that we can train our brains, and with the right behaviors, improve our physical and mental states incrementally and permanently.

At Vurb Wellness, we create positive wellness assignments for clients to routinely do and we teach mindfulness and behavioral science hacks - super powerful strategies and tools - that virtually guarantee you will have better habits after working with us.

Founder, Emotional Health Coach, Habit Reformer, and Biohacker

 Meet  Christine

A Personalized Approach to Wellness and Habit Forming

We help men and women achieve better health and happiness with fewer frustrations and white-knuckling.

Because cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all programs don't work well, we tailor our programs and how we deliver them to the needs of our audience. Whether you're dealing with a physical, mental/cognitive issue, or just looking to improve your overall wellness, we are here to help you get just what you need!


We draw inspiration from experts such as Dr. Felice Jacka - the Australian expert in nutritional psychiatry, Dr. Andrew Huberman - the uber-popular neuroscientist and hack-man from Stanford, and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett whose groundbreaking work explaining the connection of brain and behavior pushed Christine to rethink her coaching style.

Could we help you to overcome something and set you on a confident path to becoming the best version of yourself?

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Our transformation through wellness formula is simple: change your inner world for good with mindfulness and your habits with practical science-backed tools... tools that once learned, cannot be unlearned. 

- Christine Angelica

We will help you to...

Create Personalized Plans

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Establish Amazing New Habits

Reset Mindset & Emotions

Become Your Best Self

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Vurb Wellness Club

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