Doing the work alone was getting me nowhere.

Then I discovered Vurb Wellness!

Group Coaching That Transforms Lives

Challenges, classes, community, coaching, and other services all work together to help you create transformational change and achieve results you haven’t been able to by doing the work alone.
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What to Expect


Practical and interactive, our workshops are designed to equip you with the mindset and know-how to help you succeed.

Group Coaching

Video courses can help you learn photography, but for those goals where you need guidance and feedback, coaching is better.

Online Classes

We offer two meditation classes per week and will be adding more classes plus integral yoga as the community grows.


Your hub for handouts etc. is also where you can get answers between sessions, can message members, launch Zoom, and more.

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Hi. I’m Christine. I’m an ICF-certified coach who specializes in habit-formation and emotional health I lead the courses in emotional health and bring in other coaches and experts to help you get a full learning experience. Helping you achieve lasting change is why I do everything on this page.

Mental Health Resources

There are many proven strategies to help you beat anxiety and meditation. In this guide, we share 99 of them.

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We’re adding more and more information and resources to the Mental Health Resources page all the time.

Suggested Podcasts

Suggested Podcasts





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