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Could you benefit from mental health coaching?
Take the quiz to find out.
1. How much sleep do you usually get at night?
2. How satisfied do you feel at the end of a typical day?
3. Which of these conditions do you struggle with
4. How many of these six energy drainers do you live with (toxic people, financial worry, career burnout, unexprssed emotion, clutter, and body image)
5. I’ve struggled for 2+ years with one or more of the above issues, and now feel like the problem is unsolvable
6. True or false, I believe the reason I've struggled for 2+ years is due to something beyond my control.
7. True or false, I've tried therapy and other forms of treatment and didn't notice any major improvements
8. True or false, I experienced significant trauma in the past.
9. I have other medical conditions such as Lupus or diabetes
10. On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate the amount of support you have in your life.
11. On a scale from 1-5, how satisfied are you with your work/career?
12. On a scale from 1-5, how much does lack of time keep you from your good intentions?
13. On a scale from 1-5, how hopeful are you there's something out there to help you ?
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