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In addition to taking classes, we recommend you do some personal development by educating yourself about any chronic condition you have. We'll be adding to this page even more podcasts, books and resources to empower you to grow and thrive.

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All or Nothing Thinking

Because there are almost always more than two options, this technique helps you to look beyond all-or-nothing thinking and learn to explore the greys.

Good Reads

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It Didn't Start With You

Mark Wolynn share his groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations. 


Why We Sleep

Matthew Walker provides insights on how sleep affects cognition and physical performance, and tips to solve your sleep problems.

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Dr. Drew Ramsey shares a 6-week plan that helps you get started eating for better mental health right away.

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Jennifer Holtin teaches you how to stock your fridge with meals that taste great and reduce inflammation

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Dr. Stephen Ilardi shares 6 lifestyle habits to help you wave goodbye to depression and feel better.

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Julia Ross shares breakthrough solutions to overcoming depression, anxiety, and other negative emotional states using amino acids.

Mindfulness Videos

Inner Wellness Podcasts

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