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The Mindfulness Club

Tame anxiety

Relieve stress

Improve ADHD

Beat depression

Overcome overthinking

Get calm and grounded!

 What is the Vurb Wellness Mindfulness Club?

The Mindfulness Club attempts to bring a wellness retreat experience into the daily lives of our members. So it's okay that you can't get away to Escalen in California or Canyon Ranch in Arizona. It's support and guidance that brings a little bit of mindfulness into your everyday so you can consistently show up for yourself and your well-being.

For a limited time, the Club is free to everyone with a monthly subscription plan.


Online Classes and Workshops

Our science-meets-soul classes will help you feel less stressed, more cared for, and get some healing in. And the workshops are opportunities to deep-dive a topic like ADHD Tools or Forgiveness in an interactive setting that no computer-based course can match.

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Mindfulness Community

In the middle of our hectic schedules, most of us forget our good intentions. Part coaching, part support, the WhatsApp Community is where Christine helps you stay on track with self-care reminders, private chats and inside content designed to encourage you to live mindfully in between classes.


Member Services

There are relaxation playlists, short yoga routines and more to help you unwind and find tranquility whenever you need it. A monthly e-newsletter shares ideas on what to eat, read, and do for your wellbeing.


Member Services

On your member profile, you'll be able to access exclusive content and services.

Mindfulness Club Membership

If you're on one of these plans >

  • Mental Fitness Club Membership

  • Coaching Plan 1

  • Coaching Plan 2

The Vurb Wellness

Therapeutic Lifestyle for Mental Health

Follow the lifestyle that helps you develop a happier brain and a calmer mind!

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