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Mental Fitness Partners & Collaborators Wanted

Hi there! My name is Christine. You can learn more about me on our About page, and about collaboration and/or partnership opportunities on this page.

Services We Now Offer

Online Classes

Somatic exercises, therapeutic yoga, drum therapy, music therapy, hypnosis, and five more classes are planned. I still need to identify instructors for some of these classes so if you're interested in that and not in a business partnership, you should contact me and specify that.

Immersive Workshops

In addition to selling workshops that train people around ADHD, CBT techniques, and Mindful Co-parenting, there are other potentially popular workshops ideas I want to explore with a partner who can also help me develop them. I'd also like to offer a signature workshop for free on a recurring basis.

One on One Coaching

I am looking for 1-2 psychologists who have degrees in psychology to do mental fitness coaching. These are 20-minute sessions where you'd focus on tracking assignments, helping individuals solve problems around sleep, exercise consistency, etc. 

Mindfulness Community

Haven't launched the community yet but the plan is to host it on WhatsApp so we can offer the type of in-the-moment support to US and international clients that I think would make a difference in people's lives.

Online Classes Offered

Let me know if you have the expertise to lead any of these courses or similar.

Skills Needed

Wellness Expertise

Priority given to psychologists and coaches, with neuroscience- or science-based backgrounds, or who have mental health expertise and know practical tools for ADHD, anxiety, and neurological conditions. If you have other wellness expertise (see our class list) that could support people struggling with similar conditions, you may be a good fit too.

Business/Soft Skills

Got soft skills or business expertise? I'll definitely consider partnering with someone who can help me grow the brand in a number of ways. Skills such as being great on-camera, having marketing or writing chops, SEO expertise, website development experience, branding and social media know-how, are all skills I could use.

Get in Touch

If you think we might be a good fit, I'd love to know why, what interests you in this opportunity, what skills and resources you would bring. Please include links to your website, Instagram feed, and other work!

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