Beat Anxiety and Depression, Mindfully

Our thoughts drive our emotions, meaning, that what we think influences how we feel. And of course, how we feel influences what we do. What if you could have more control over all of it?

Using affirmations, you can have more positive emotions and become a more productive person. It’s fine to read affirmations but in order for them to have a real transformative impact, you have to go deeper with affirmations.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”


What to expect

I will recommend a few affirmations calendars for you to choose from, as well as apps, quote-a-day journals, and other places to get your daily dose of positivity. Using a 5-layer deep approach, you will interact with your affirmations in five different ways so they can have a rewiring effect on your brain.

  1. Read it
  2. Think about it
  3. Write about it
  4. Teach it
  5. Absorb it

At the end of this course, expect to have a higher personal happiness score, and with your plan to continue using affirmations after the course, expect to keep getting happier and feeling calmer.

You will be tilting your brain from having a negativity bias to having a positivity bias.

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