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10 Very Special Self-Care Habits

There are so many overpriced, over-tech, over-complicated self-care products and systems out there that I want to highlight some that can have a huge impact on your life but cost nothing and is anything but complicated.

These are some very special self-care habits because, for the most part, we're going back to basics here. These wonderful habits remind us that many of the things we think we need, we already have.

1. Give More Hugs

A hug can reduce cortisol. Better known as a stress hormone, cortisol, it turns out, can also have a positive (calming) effect on us. A hug can deactivate the part of the brain that responds to threats making you feel safe. Another calming hormone that the body produces when we reach out and touch is oxytocin. Considered the "love hormone," oxytocin is released through touch, music, and exercise. The feelings of connection that you get from them are highs worth chasing, IMO.

Hug the kids in your life, your friends when you meet up, SO, and all your loved ones. Of course, ask new people before you hug them, and use common sense with others.

2. Have a Daily Walking Routine

Walking boosts your metabolism and counters the effects of weight-promoting genes. Walking is also a great stress reliever. To get the most transformative benefits from walking, I ask my clients to walk every day, which I do as well. It doesn’t matter so much how many miles we walk or for how long, what matters most, is the daily practice.

3. Get Fresh Air Every Day

Another important daily habit is getting fresh air. It helps the airways of your lungs to dilate more fully and helps you to get more oxygen into your lungs. It improves your heart rate, your blood pressure, and is very good for your mental health. Fresh air in your lungs also helps you to feel more energetic in minutes.

4. Unplug an Hour Before Bed

Our brains need time to unplug and before bed is the best time to do it. When you get into the habit of putting your phone in Do Not Disturb mode before bed, your “brain” will come to recognize when it too can shut off. You will help your body start producing melatonin on schedule, which will improve the quality of your sleep and the functioning of your brain.

5. Plug Into Positive Content

There are TV channels, podcasts, social media feeds, and websites dedicated to positive news, uplifting messages, comedy, and impactful content. A few we like are Good News Network, The Skimm, Comedy Central, and Goodniks podcast. Consume more positive content so that your entertainment not only entertains but leaves you feeling positive too.

6. Play the Energetic Music

Music is scientifically proven to uplift and improve our well-being. It can help you concentrate w