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3 Tips to Help You Create a Morning Routine That Sticks

We're only as good as our systems, and if you want to feel productive and on top of your life, there's one system you must have--a morning routine.

Routines are made up of smaller habits -- all of which, like coffee -- help you later on in the day. They help you feel more organized and on top of things.

Morning routines work because how we start our day influences the rest of it.

To help you create a routine


Tip One: Visualize Your Routine

Think about how you're now waking up and getting ready for your day. Then imagine how you would rather spend that time. Do you imagine you're not rushed? Maybe you're alert and enjoy walking the dog at 6:30.

Visualizing how you'd behave in your ideal state is a good way to start imagining what combinations of mini habits you want to do.


Tip Two: Keep it Simple

Don't make the rookie mistake of trying to start with a 90-minute routine or a complicated one. I recommend that you start with no more than three things and keep your new routine around 30 minutes long. When you're starting most new habits, you want to keep things simple and add more time and steps over time.


Tip Three: Design Your Routine

Think back to step one and what you imagined yourself doing and feeling. Find some things that will put you in the positive physical and psychological state you imagined.

If you're not sure what to do but know how you want to feel, focus on two categories of activities for this new routine you'll be birthing.

1. Do things that will get you into the right headspace (mindset), and