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5 Healthy And Satisfying Snack Ideas

If you're like me and most of the world, you regularly get the urge to snack. But are you able to snack without guilt? Guided by this simple piece of habit-formation advice, I've been able to snack healthy most of the time, and so can you.

A good snack defense is a good snack offense.

This play on words can help us outsmart our cue-reward loops. It reminds us to plan ahead... to plan for the snack urges we are bound to get and adjust our behavior based on experiences. Not only does past experience teach us that it's good to plan ahead, but it also teaches that healthy unsatisfying snacks won't cut it.

Healthy snacking does take a bit of work and mindfulness, but with a few minutes of pre-planning it pays off. I'll use this post to share 5 of my favorite snacks at the moment and share how I pre-plan and make them satisfying. Guilt-free!

1. Pistachios

Why they're healthy: Pistachios are a storehouse of unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and minerals and have anti-inflammatory properties, so nutritionally, they make the grade. I usually keep a small pack in my car and store some in glass containers at home so that I always have pistachios nearby. If I'm on the road or traveling, I can pick up pistachios at virtually every 7-11, any convenience store, or airport lounge.

The tip here is to find yourself a "go-to" healthy snack. My nephew loves bananas, my sister dark chocolate, and my girlfriend, for some reason, loves oatmeal. When you find yours, you want to keep some handy wherever you spend a lot of time.

2. Skyr Yogurt and Fruit