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Energy Boosting Breakfasts For Four Different Types of Eaters

While we sleep, our bodies are running like Grand Central Station during rush hour. It’s busy repairing organs, regulating hormones, removing toxins, and doing quite a lot. Our bodies need energy and nutrients to carry out that work.

So, when we wake up, we need to replenish our bodies as soon as possible. If nothing else, we need to add back some of the water we’ve lost.

Food rebels that we are, we don’t all have the same breakfast style or needs. We don't all need to eat solid foods or have a big breakfast in the morning, but we all need to replenish our energy.

That’s right, even if you are a breakfast skipper, it’s important to address your nighttime water and nutrient loss. And the sooner the better.

The good news is that whatever your eating style, there’s an energy-boosting breakfast option to help you run your day better.

1. Breakfast Skippers

If you do intermittent fasting or don’t like to eat breakfast, go for a liquid meal.

With these 3 simple options, you, my fellow breakfast skipper, can get your energy for the day by either drinking your greens, having a high-protein liquid meal, or having a low-sugar natural energy drink.

  1. Green juice– You can grab a low-sugar pressed juice like Pressed Juicery Green 4 on the go or stock them in your refrigerator.

  2. Smoothies– If it is a protein source that you want to refuel your body with, try a smoothie made with almond butter, yogurt, greens, and a small amount of fruit to sweeten. You won’t feel like you've eaten, but your body, brain, and productivity will thank you later. 

  3. Low-sugar energy drink– Boost your energy for hours and replenish your body's lost nutrients with this homemade recipe: Add to coconut water, the juice from ½ fresh lime, ½ lemon, ½ orange, a tsp of MCT coconut oil, and ¼ tsp of sea salt. It’s as non-filling as drinking water but with lots of electrolytes that will have you flying through your morning.

2. Car Eaters

If you eat during your commute, the last thing you want is to show up to work wearing your breakfast. One-handed breakfasts are your answer.

  1. Wraps are the perfect one-handed breakfast. You can put everything you need in a healthy whole wheat wrap and keep it off your clothes. Yay! Try scrambled egg whites with spinach, salsa, and some mashed avocado (so yummy!).

  2. Porridge that you drink from a thermos is another good one-handed option. Add a sprinkling of ground flaxseed and cinnamon. and you’ll be ready to tackle the day when you pull up to work!

  3. Banana spread– If you are pressed for time, cut a banana in half lengthwise and spread some almond butter mixed with cocoa powder for a sweet healthy start to your day. 

3. At-Your-Desk Eaters

Because you never have time to make breakfast at home and you’re trying to eat healthy, foods you can stash at work are great for your breakfast style. You can keep ingredients for make-it-quick energy-boosting breakfasts like these in your desk drawer or work refrigerator.

  1. Granola or Chia seed bowl- with almond milk and berries as toppings, this is a breakfast you can make at work in 2 minutes.

  2. Plain Greek yogurt topped with 1/2 banana and chopped nuts has a rich taste and up to 2x the protein of regular yogurt.

  3. Frozen breakfasts that you purchase at Trader Joe's and keep in your office refrigerator, can make a quick and healthy breakfast.

  4. Quick homemade breakfasts such as two boiled eggs or a large serving of oatmeal are affordable and healthy options to get from a cafe or food truck near the office.

4. Meal Preppers

If you’re a meal prepper, you’ve already done half the work to prep one of these delicious and quick breakfasts. 

  1. Baked frittata– There’s really no way to ruin a frittata, but some of the best-tasting ones for meal preppers to make start with pre-chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes.

  2. Boiled eggs with guac– Every meal prepper typically has boiled eggs ready to go. Top 2-3 hard-boiled eggs with some homemade guac, for a filling breakfast, packed with protein and healthy fats.

  3. Breakfast sausages can be thrown in the oven while you’re in the shower. Eat alone or add to either of the above two meal prep options.

  4. Omelets made with pre-chopped veggies and goat cheese or leftover dinner transformed into a healthy breakfast are easy and quick options for meal preppers.

Everything is a choice, including whether to have breakfast and how to work it into your lifestyle.

However, when you consider all the good your body does when your eyes are closed, hopefully, you can appreciate the need to eat breakfast in the morning, regardless of the type of breakfast you do eat.

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