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Hate the Gym? Let These Fun Exercises Get You Moving

Hate to exercise? Most people are right there with you.

But those of us who know the real-life benefits of being physically active, get on with it. Better yet, some of us find ways to make it fun.

In this post, learn about some ways to approach fitness that doesn’t require a gym (for the most part) and can make you forget you’re exercising.

1. Go dancing!

  1. Salsa is a lot of fun and with a quick Google search for “Salsa near me,” there’s a good chance you can find a group to join right now. Nothing near you? Look for streaming classes on Facebook and YouTube.

  2. Hip-hop. Steezy Studio makes hip-hop and modern dance exhilarating with high-energy instructors, contemporary music, and easy-to-learn routines. And starting in March, Vurb Wellness will offer weekly classes led by Taylor as part of its subscription coaching program.

  3. Twerking. Getting into twerking as an exercise can be as simple as throwing up a playlist like this one and going at it for hours. 

  4. Ballet. If you miss your childhood ballet classes and feel called to the barre, you’re going to improve elasticity, strength, and get a great workout by getting back into it.

  5. Zumba. Latin music brings da fun, no matter what you’re doing! Look for Zumba classes in gyms, community centers, and dance studios near you.

  6. Pole dancing. Wait, what? Yes, it is an amazing way to work out and according to the women I’ve talked to who do it regularly, pole dancing will drive your confidence through the roof.

2- Hop on some wheels

If you’re into adrenaline sports, you can burn a lot of calories doing one of these:

  1. Skateboarding. You may need to hang with the boys to do this one, but that in and of itself can be part of the fun. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and be smart about taking other safety steps.