Beat Anxiety and Depression Mindfully

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Start Date: Sunday, December 28, 2021
Duration: 5 Weeks
Facilitator: Christine Angelica

This course includes:

  • 30-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge
  • Constructive Journaling Exercises
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Dr. Stephen Illardi’s Depression Cure
  • Two 2-hour Workshops
  • CBT Techniques and other tools
  • Support and access to coaches in between sessions
  • Lifetime Free Community membership


While we don’t know all the causes of anxiety and depression, we do many of them. Childhood trauma, a ruminating mind, persistent hardship such as financial insecurity, and our modern lifestyle are some of the most common causes. If your anxiety and depression are caused by any of these factors, and you are ready for coaching, this course will help you.

You will learn tools and science-backed methods that you won’t find in self-help books.

When you complete the course, you will have a new framework for living that will, bit by bit, reduce your incidences of depression and anxiety.

Pre-Course Assignment

  • What do you need to be okay? exercise
  • A self-assessment exercise

WEEK ONE: Introduction

2-hour Workshop on Zoom:

  • 10 Best brain-focused strategies
  • Dr. Stephen Ilardi’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) plan
  • Prepare for the 30-day meditation challenge
  • Review your homework assignment
  • Homework: Meditate every day for 5 minutes

WEEK TWO: What do you need to be okay?

One-hour Meeting:

  • Draft a Stay Well Plan (SWP)
  • How to recognize triggers
  • Two CBT exercises to short-circuit triggers
  • Q & A segment
  • Homework: Draft a Recovery plan
  • Homework: Track sensations, feelings, and responses
  • Homework: Meditate every day for 5 minutes

WEEK THREE: Getting to the root of it

One-hour Meeting

  • What’s your root causes
  • How rumination, childhood trauma, persistent life challenges changes the brain
  • Behaviors to repair those damages
  • Q & A
  • Review Recovery plans
  • Homework: Scavenge for Joy
  • Homework: Continue to track sensations, feelings, and responses.
  • Homework: Meditate every day for 7 minutes

WEEK FOUR: Letting (select) people in

Just because you don’t feel well doesn’t mean others should be treated poorly. On this week’s call, we’ll look at how to mindfully experience your feels, step back to take care of yourself, without completely closing yourself off or hurting “your team.”

  • Identify at least one person you can count on to be part of your support team (if you can’t, counseling is highly recommended)
  • Learn how to “be” during an episode that doesn’t trash your relationships.
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with those who will now be members of your team
  • A different perspective on your condition – you are not depressed or anxious!
  • Homework assignment: Practice assigned CBT techniques
  • Homework assignment: Refine your Stay Well and your Recovery Plans.
  • Homework: Meditate every day for 7 minutes

WEEK FIVE: Putting it all together

In this 2-hour workshop, you will put together all the things you learned in this course and learn how to strategically integrate them into your life to make yourself better.

  • Tips to Coach Yourself to get from here to where you want to be
  • The progressive approach to getting better
  • When to seek counseling, coaching, and additional help
  • Share insights and your plans with 2-4 members
  • What’s next: Using the free Community for continued accountability and support
  • Open discussion: What do you need to feel okay and how confident are you that you can be okay

How Mindfulness Changes Our Brains

30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to be a useful tool to beat anxiety and depression. Doing 30 days of consecutive practice can unlock unexpected benefits, such as help you become more aware, less in your head, and more relaxed. It’s highly recommended that you share your experience throughout the challenge with other members to activate the power of community wellness.

Share your experience with the Meditation Challenge on the Community page, find mindfulness tips for everyday life, and practical ideas to

What To Expect After You Purchase The Course

  1. After placing your order, you will get an email with instructions to set up a member account.
  2. Follow the link to set up your account and complete any onboarding exercises.
  3. You will be alerted when assignments are sent, due, and overdue.
  4. Join the community that best meets your needs, such as Mindful With Christine
  5. At the end of your course, you can remain in MWC or move to a 100% free community.

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  1. Petra

    I learned so much just from the webinar. The amount of things you learn in this course is worth 5x what they’re charging. I know because I’ve done a lot of online training.

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