Energetic With Nadima

$39.00 / month

Facilitator: Nadima Shirzad

Your monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time, includes these practices:

  • Walking challenges on the Nike Run app
  • Dance routines as exercise
  • Workshops with nutritionists
  • Energy-building workshops and training with Nadima
  • And much much more



Nadima works with you to build to help you become energetic using natural solutions. Using apps like the Nike Run app, you’ll be “competing” with other members who are working on Physical Wellness. You’ll learn about safe natural supplements to boost your energy, attend free workshops and training with nutritionists to learn to shop, read food labels, cook delicious healthy meals that everyone in your home can enjoy.

She will look at emotional eating, including stress eating, and help you work on these issues in smaller group coaching sessions.


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