Mindful With Christine

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Facilitator: Christine Angelica

Your monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time, includes these practices:

  • Unlimited Mindfulness Meditation Classes
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Self-Care Assignments
  • Text Group
  • Online Community


When we sit to meditate, we are looking after ourselves in ways that might not at first seem obvious.

Observing your thoughts, without judgment, will be one of your goals in the mindful meditation practice. What you can gain from this non-judgmental observation is huge: you’re at risk of gaining self-understanding.

Here’s how that might play out:

You sit (or lie on your back if you’re a beginner and find this pose easier) and mindfully scan your body. As you’re doing that, wouldn’t you know it? Your overactive mind has something to say about that (“This is dumb!”). Or tries to distract you (“What are we gonna have for dinner?”) Observing your thoughts without engaging with them is how you stay connected to your practice and continue to scan your body. You’ll get tips to help you develop an Observers’ Mind.

In this class, you’ll learn how to do this and a whole lot more to retrain your thoughts. In the process, you will learn about yourself. You’ll learn, my thoughts are scattered. I’m afraid about the future. I am very tense in my shoulders.

A recurring journaling assignment I give is to write down what was the most USEFUL thing you observed in today’s practice. Your homework and self-care assignment for the week might be to do a deep dive into this observation. You could ask yourself, Where is the tenseness in my shoulder coming from, and start observing what makes you tense day in and day out. Your role at all times is that of a “researcher.” Your only job is to collect data, not solve problems. Problem-solving is a whole other exercise and there’s a method to it. In this way, you’ll learn to tame your thoughts and take good care of yourself. And ladies and gents, this is one of the impactful acts of self-care.

Studies show that meditation is a great tool to have in your wellness toolkit. It helps you manage stress, reduce anxiety, cultivate peace of mind, become more self-aware and less critical. It can change the way you think and the way you see yourself. It helps you hone in on what’s really going on and solve it. A calmer clearer mind then opens you up to insights, better memory recall, and a whole lot more goodies.

In many ways, a meditation practice is a lot like a yoga practice: you will get better with time. But only if you’re consistent, of course. And you know how it goes when you try to meditate solely on your own. The purpose of this subscription plan is to help you build consistency so you reap the benefits of practicing meditation regularly.  Hosted by me, Christine, I hope to, with your help, build a community of meditationers and help each of you cultivate a closer relationship with that thing inside us all that is sacred and whole. It is that part of ourselves that is not broken, anxious, and alone. I don’t give people answers, because I believe you already know them. I give you tools to unlock the magic.

Between sessions, we can keep in touch (or rather, I’ll keep in touch as this is a No Rely text service) when you subscribe to the Text Message List. This is where I might share with you the QOTD I am pondering one day, another day I might text you a bite-sized self-care challenge, and in times of national crisis, share words of comfort.

If this sounds like it will be of benefit to you, I’d love to have you join our meditation community.

See you on the mat!


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