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The Vurb Wellness Therapeutic Lifestyle is an effective plan to follow for the management of ADHD, anxiety, and depression. It's free to download here.


Daily Self-Care AssignmentsWellness Classes, and Member Services are designed around the plan to give you opportunities to practice therapeutic activities with us in virtual rooms (on Zoom or YouTube Telecast) and at your own pace at home.


Three levels of Lifestyle Integration Coaching ensure you're never alone, feeling flustered, frustrated, and stuck.


Get a free 2-week trial and learn why clients call our services motivating, fun, and game-changing in helping them manage and improve their mental health.


Carol Williams
Monrovia, CA
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I'm a teacher and have a lot of stress. The Mindful Monday assignment helps me with time management, and the daily self-care assignments are helping me squeeze in a little bit of me-time. I am definitely seeing changes in how I think and feel.

Marina Perez
Los Angeles, CA
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During one of our coaching sessions, Christine pushed me to form a Mommy and Me exercise group in my neighborhood. I'm glad I did because I'm now friendly with two of the moms and we've come to each other's aid more than once to babysit and help out in a pinch.

Jennifer Weiss
New York, NY
five stars.png

Eating better has gotten much easier for me. In some sessions, Christine will pull up my grocery cart online and swap out a few items with herbs and ingredients I never would have tried. She also helps me balance my Keto with an anti-inflammatory diet.

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Therapeutic Lifestyle

Self-Care Assignments

Wellness Classes


  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Active Listening

  • Resistance to Acceptance

  • Optimum Mindset


  • Mindful Mornings at Work

  • Efficiently Working in Outlook

  • Productivity Methods for ADHD+

  • Managing the Time of Your Life


  • Learn Self-Hypnosis

  • Who Am I Screenwriting Course

  • Healing the Nervous System

  • Creatively Reclaim Your Voice


  • CBT Techniques for Depression

  • Create Your Anti-Anxiety Toolkit

  • The Body Keeps the Score

  • Brain Rewirement

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lifestyle integration Coaching

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Monthly plans range from $59 to $239
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Download the Therapeutic Lifestyle

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