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November 2023

Welcome to November's roundup of wellness classes and events for you to add to your calendars plus tips and content to make regular mental care part of your daily routine.

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Soup snacks

November 18 and 29

Self-Care Assignments

November Theme: Gratitude

Portrait at Home

Featured Workshop

November 19, 2023

The Practical Path to Forgiveness
Forgiveness may be good for the soul but what if the other person hasn't "earned" it? Join Jacqueline Forbes as she walks us through a practical process, where we can get on with our healing without sacrificing our self-esteem

Big Smile

Mindfulness Training

November 4, 2023

Active Listening
A skill that can improve all your relationships, Active Listening is about more than shutting up and letting the other person speak. Learn how to listen with intention and bring other skills to the conversation that can help you at work and in your personal life.


NOVEMBER 25, 2023

Create A Sleep Sanctuary

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