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what it is

With the Vurb Wellness Rewards Club, you earn rewards for doing wellness at home. Learn more about the types of activities you'll do and how you can cash in on while working on mind body wellness!

Fitness Tracker App



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Body Massage


How it Works

🔑 Become a Member

This club is for women looking for accountability to stay healthy physically and spiritually. We make the journey easier and incentives make it more fun. 


Monthly subscription $59

🤸🏻‍♀️ Do Incentivized Wellness
  • Do Wellness at Home to Earn Points

  • Attend Wellness Events Online to Earn Points

  • Join Vurb Wellness Challenges to Earn Points 

    • Spa-At-Home Challenges

    • Digital Detox Challenges

    • Meditation Challenges

    • Mindfulness Challenges

    • Sugar Detox Challenges

    • Eat Better Challenge​s

💰Earn Points​

We track your steps and club attendance. You earn points for doing wellness. You can redeem those points for wellness products or services at spa and wellness locations near you, or you can apply points toward wellness travel retreats we host.

📱 Community

  • Geneva App Community

  • Meditation Classes on Zoom

Rewards for Doing Wellness

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Wellness Products

Redeem for smart water bottles and wellness gadgets like the Oura ring

Head Massage

Wellness Services

Use points at participating spas, fitness clubs and wellness providers near you

Image by Sébastien Jermer

Wellness Retreats

Save up points for annual Wellness Retreats in Jamaica & other peaceful destinations

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