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Sun, May 19



The Practical Path to Forgiveness

Do you struggle with forgiving those who have hurt you? Have you been waiting for closure that never came? Are old resentments and unhealed wounds affecting you today? If you answered yes to any of these, join us for this 90-minute workshop to learn our practical path to forgiveness.

The Practical Path to Forgiveness
The Practical Path to Forgiveness

Time & Location

May 19, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PDT


About the event

Pre-Workshop Exercise

  • How to identify what's standing in the way of forgiveness


  • What forgiveness is and why it matters for your well-being

The Vurb Wellness Practical Path to Forgiveness

  1. Acknowledging Your Feelings: Sit properly in the pain,  anger, and resentment to feel all of that stuff in mindful way.
  2. Shifting Your Perspective: Learn another way to look at the experience and person. (And no, we don't believe these bad experiences are necessarily lessons or that you drew that bad guy (namely, your mma) into your life.)
  3. Releasing Expectations: Accepting that closure or an  apology may never come. 
  4. Developing Self-Compassion: Letting go and the self-compassionate purpose of it!
  5. Setting Healthy New Boundaries: Learn to set healthy boundaries that both protects you and leaves you open to love and trust again.
  6. Practicing Empathy: When you're ready to try and understand the other  person’s perspective, there will be POWER in it for you.
  7. The Unsent Letters: Write letters that you won't send expressing your feelings today, in a month, and in six months. Decide then if you wish to send.
  8. Releasing Resentment Ceremony: Keep in touch and let us know when you're ready to have one of these mindful ceremonies.
  9. Your Healing Journey:  Healing can be shortened when you use our joyful approach to it. You'll get an in-depth worksheet post event to help you map out your healing journey.

To hold your spot and get the Zoom meeting details, RSVP now.

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