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 Therapeutic Lifestyle

Vurb Wellness 

A 9-part plan to improve your mental health

We've been learning a lot of really good and encouraging stuff about anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions in recent years... including how to better manage them.

The Vurb Wellness Therapeutic Lifestyle is a 9-part program that incorporates Dr. Stephen Ilardi's 6-part Cure for Depression with 3 add-ons that Christine, a mindfulness educator and lifestyle coach, uses to help clients address loss and trauma unseen causes of psychological distress.

Dr. Stephen Ilardi's 
6-Part Cure for Modern Living


Dr. Ilardi's "cure" seeks to addresses psychological symptoms that are the result of our modern lifestyle. It's been proven to help more than 70% of people in his practice. Although labeled for depression, these six elements of wellbeing can benefit most people, whether you have a mental health condition or not.

1. Sleep Hygiene

2. Exercise

3. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

4. Light Exposure

5. Social Support

6. Anti-Rumination Strategies


Christine Angelica's

3-Part Solution for Psychological Betterment

Christine's solution for psychological betterment seeks to address external factors that are often hidden in place sight such as working situations that lead to hyper-busyness, alienation, and little sense of control, as well as societal factors such as crime, bullying, and racism, and toxic home environments where factors such as clutter and disorganization, dysfunctional family dynamics, and lack of support abound.

7. Mindfulness & Brain Rewirement

8. Purpose & Joy

9. Environmental Wellness

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