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Mindfulness Meditation

Come activate your Zen for the week ahead.

  • 45 min
  • Zoom

Class Overview

Offered on Sundays live on Zoom and led by Christian Frazier, a mindfulness evangelist and carer of souls, this class is designed to help calm your mind. It starts with some journaling as warm-up then go into a mindful meditation session. And guess what? You don't have to try and stop yourself from thinking! Mindfulness meditation doesn't require you to. It is the perfect *starter* meditation for people whose minds have a mind of its own. Between this class and the Everyday Mindfulness class, we think you'll soon press pause on distractions, excessive worrying and other habits you want to lose. YOU'LL NEED - A journal. - A meditation pillow - Comfortable surroundings - Peace and quiet

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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