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Mental Fitness Coaching

There is some overlap between traditional talk therapy and mental fitness coaching. However, as an action-oriented process, mental fitness coaching is focused on helping you develop new skills and change unwanted behaviors. It is best for someone who needs less talk, and more accountability, and guidance to integrate healthy emotional care habits into your life.

Mental Fitness Coaching may be right for you if you are...

➡️ Someone who worries a lot about the future and does little about it.

➡️ Someone who struggles to organize your work and stay on top of things.

➡️ Someone who is diagnosed with ADHD or is ADD suspecting.

➡️ Someone who needs tools for verbal processing, overcoming paralysis or overwhelm.

➡️ Someone who want career mentoring and the tools to manage work-related stress.

➡️ Someone who likes reviewing their goals with a coach and to be held accountable.

Meet some of our coaches

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