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7 Productivity Tips To Reduce Work-Related Stress

If you want to be more productive at work, I have some tips that can help.

They will help you get more done, but with less stress. When you make a habit of using the ones that help you, you can become so productive that you might even start loving your job. Or at least, hate it less.

These are the 7 habits:

  1. Have an Email Strategy

  2. Use Dual Monitors

  3. Do Priority Work in the First 2 hours

  4. Use Makers Time

  5. Disable Notifications

  6. Make Friends with Smart Co-workers

  7. Reduce Multitasking

 1.  Have an Email Strategy

It’s estimated that emails and meetings alone account for 50% or more of how we spend our time at work. We need to do more to cut down the time we spend on both of these tasks.

One way you can begin to get control of your email is to have an email strategy. Studies show that people who are trained to have an email strategy, increase their work productivity.

Spending less time on email and maintaining an organized Inbox, have enormous productivity benefits.

Here is a list of email management tips that you can draw from to begin developing your own strategy.

  1. Have a Read now/Read later system.

  2. Get in the habit of reading and acting on messages at the same time.

  3. Add reminders to emails you will handle later.

  4. Unsubscribe from lists whose content you don’t read.

  5. Encourage and “train” your work colleagues to send you fewer emails.


2. Use Dual Monitors