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8 Ways To Gently Unplug

I would say I have fairly healthy phone habits. I don’t respond to every ding, I put it away when I’m working and an hour before bed, etc., but even I struggle with being without my phone.

That’s because I use it for everything!

I use my smartphone for music, as an alarm clock, as a reading device, to check the weather, get directions, pay bills, and for about 20 other essential tasks.

So, I know it can be a challenge to put our phones away for 24 hours.

But there are ways to, and you and I must find them and make time to unplug.

It's for our wellbeing.

If we strategize, we can find those ways down the pipe that is our smartphones for a whole weekend or at least for 24 hours.

Being without my smartphone for a whole weekend felt like being in a horror movie, except the killer was boredom and the victim was my sanity.

And to lessen the withdrawal symptoms, I’ve come up with a few ideas and tips:

Think Old School

For the things you absolutely can’t go a day without (for me that’s music), find an old-school alternative while you’re unplugged. I use Mp3 players and radios for music. If you absolutely must reach out to someone during your unplugging, send an audio note or call them instead of texting.

If you manage a social media account, pin a note that you’re unavailable for the day or two that you’ll be off. Almost every activity we use our smartphones to do has an old-school alternative.

Use Detach Apps

If you might use your phone for calls or basic non-Internet functions, make using your phone less appealing. Apps like Quality Time will turn your smartphone into a ‘dumb’ phone for the time period you specify.

You can program the detach app to block you out of certain apps, like Facebook, and even to have a black-and-white display while you’re unplugging.

Plan It!

One of the keys to making time is scheduling it and right behind scheduling is planning. Scheduling is blocking it on the calendar while planning is creating the itinerary. Itineraries are like maps.

They lay out all the wonderful things you’re giving up your phone to enjoy and it feels safer to have a ‘map,’ doesn’t it?

So make like a cruise director and plan the activities that are going to make you forget your phone.

Plan Memorable Activities

Know how they say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes?

If what flashes before your eyes is boring, you’re going to have regrets.

Make some great memories for what I like to call your “highlight reel” by doing things worth remembering.

Spending time with young kids and family members is always good but plan to do it away from home by going to theme park or something out of the ordinary.

If you want to stay home, you might plan a day that includes a bake-off, playing cards and board games, touch football and taking everyone to go see a movie at the end of the day.

A great option if you're single might be a girls’ spa weekend or a healing retreat.

How about an adventure getaway where you might go zip-lining, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, or swimming with dolphins?

Your goal is to plan things that easily make you forget your phone and/or require two hands to do.

Have Serious Me-time

If rest and introspection are what you need from your unplug, there are ways to max that out too. You might go for an idle weekend at home, or you could book a secluded Airbnb or hotel or cabin.

It’s good to get away from time to time and have a change of scenery so book the cabin or Airbnb when you can afford it. If you’re close to one, add a national park or natural wonder to your must-see list.

Before your me-time, stock up on essential oils, be sure to pack your journal, supplies for a vision board, beauty masks, and all the treats you will need to pamper yourself.

Do it on the weekend or your day off

It might be too difficult to go without your phone during the workweek. If so, plan your Unplug for the weekend. Consider even making it a 3-day weekend so you can take 1-2 days to Unplug and the other days to do laundry and your usual weekend chores and activities.

Make it a regular thing

The first few times without your phone may feel awful. You’re so used to having it within arm's reach that being without your phone may feel like you’ve lost an appendage.

But, by your third time unplugging, there’s a really good chance that you will start to enjoy, and even look forward to the break.

Have good eats on hand

You don’t want to overindulge during your Unplug but you don’t want to feel deprived either. Nothing will make you miss your “phone fix” more than if you feel deprived. Stock up on great snacks, wine, and some good eats/menus.

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